Our Principle

Newthink. Not rethink.

The market demands new perspectives and fresh thinking for today’s information security challenges. We’re an ideas based company that believes in creating new solutions, not adapting old solutions to new problems.

  • Ecrypt One

    Military strength email and encryption system that safeguards the integrity of information.

  • Security Consulting

    Whatever the challenge, our team will work with you to develop a solution.

  • Partner Solutions

    We believe more heads are better than one when solving modern security challenges.

Ecrypt insights

Ecrypt Feature Post

Interesting blogs, facts and news from the world of information security, brought to you by Ecrypt.

Ecrypt Is The Idea Launch Pad

The Company.

Modern dilemmas need modern attitudes. We disrupt industry conventions through fresh thinking and intuition to ensure it advances in a smart, simple, and secure direction.

The Idea Lab at Ecrypt

Curious? We are.

We believe in asking lots of open-ended questions. Investigating the answers from new perspectives allows us to distill the problem and discover essential insights, before proposing a solution.

Fact: In 76% of cases a data breach was caused by a human factor such as error, negligence or criminal attack.


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