Our Principle

Newthink. Not rethink.

The market demands new perspectives and fresh thinking for today’s security challenges. We’re an ideas based company that believes in creating new solutions, not adapting old solutions to new problems.

  • Software

    Innovative software solutions designed to address modern business and security problems.

  • Tools

    Progressive tools designed to provide organizations a physical protection of assets and operations.

  • Systems

    A synergic marriage of software and tools designed to solve modern business and security challenges.

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Ecrypt Is The Idea Launch Pad

The Company.

We’re a high technology security solutions portfolio provider that assists corporate entities, governments and individuals protect their organizations against both physical and cyber-attacks through an offering of the most technically-advanced, cost-effective and reliable software, tools and systems.

The Idea Lab at Ecrypt

Curious? We are.

We believe in asking lots of questions. Examining answers from new perspectives allows us to distil the problem and discover essential insights before proposing a solution. It’s these insights that make us different.

Fact: Adversaries are increasingly cunning and audacious, old defense tactics are no longer working.

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